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Glass reinforced plastic
and Metal production

We are a leading Czech manufacturer of components and products of composite materials and metal parts especialy for original equipment manufacturers in many industries.

We offer to our customers a customized production of products, components and parts according to their specifications / requirements, enabling them to meet their high production standards and the ever-increasing demands of their customers.  

In order to bring the A-Z solution, our custom production covers various / diverse areas of production activities - production of parts made of fiberglass, metal parts, metal structures, assembly by industrial adhessive bonding and assembly work

Industries we serve

Mass transportation

For our customers from public transport area we produce and supply particular parts for their products.  It could be front masks, outer and inner lining, control panels, seats, cover boxes for tramways, locomotives and carriages. For mini and midi buses we manufacture roofs, fenders, extension of vehicle back, bumpers and boots. In our metal workshops we make also carriages, chassis and bodies (welded rib pieces) those vehicles. Our components meet strict standards for public transport.


We fabricate welded superstructures, semi-trailers and trailers (transport, caravans), basic frames, welded structures, which we are able to supplement with individual axles. We mount fiberglass parts, sheds and covers on these semi-trailers and trailers so that we can also satisfy the trailer manufacturers.


For construction machinery producers we produce particular components from GRP, such as fenders, bodies, engine covers, cabin roofs, all could be completed with struts, hinges, ventilation grids and other metal components.

Agriculture, Forestry

For our customers who are manufacturers of tractors and other agricultural machines we make components, such as mudguards, fenders, bodies, engine covers, bonnets, control panels which we complete with various liners, struts, hinges, ventilation grids and other metal components.

Utility vehicles

We fabricate custom made frames, constructions, chassis & trailers for divers utility cars & vehicles. We assemble custom made frames with desired supestructures, either from GRP/FRP or Metal/steel. Superstructures, made & assembled by us, serves to transport firm, loose & liquid material. Divers containers, tanks, cisterns, cages, grilles & stalls are produced based on technical specification & drawings, in final coating & colour.


For our clients who are manufacturers of machines for airport services we produce undercarriages and bodies completed with GRP covers of technology parts or engine covers.


We produce custom made pallets, boxes, special shelves, specific vehicles for transport, assembly and storage, many different styles of custom made stainless steel catwalk and catwalk frames & constructions, railing, steel stairs, ladders, platforms, protection & safety barriers for logistic  distribution centres, hyper/super markets, divers showrooms, industrial building.


We produce and supply covers and bonnets from GRP which substitute metal components of those devices for producers who provide their machines and devices to companies in machinery industry area. GRP components we connect with metal holders and we make mounting holes.


We supply to manufacturers of wind power stations gondolas, covers of heads and rotors those devices. We also produce wind turbine blades in smaller dimensions.

Defence, Military

We fabricate welded structures, superstructures, semi-trailers, trailers and tailored vehicels assembled by GRP covers, hoods, boxes for divers technological devices, units, transport vehicles.


Some of our clients are also producers and suppliers “so called Funny Trains” which can be seen in tourist destinations, entertainment parks a Zoo. We are able to provide to customers complete production completely following their technical documentation. Undercarriages made by us we connect with axles, wheels, timing and brake systems, lights, floors, platforms for disabled persons, heating systems, seats, side walls and roofs.


The clients from the area of producing devices for sport we are able make and supply GRP bonnets of cableway station, seats from GRP connected with metal constructions, mechanisms  and holders (for example  for football, ice-hockey, basketball, floorball, volleyball halls).


For producers and sellers of gastronomic stalls, trailers and kiosks we meet their needs to produce these facilities. One of our popular products is so called “Cola dose” which looks like a big can for drinks.

Our services


We are the producer of bespoke GRP components used by our clients who are manufacturers of products for interior and exterior. Such as bodies and their components for transport vehicles, buses and we also make conversions of vehicles. We also produce kiosks, containers, tanks, shafts, lids, tiles, sandwich panels, bonnets. Many of our clients are from the ranks of branded producers.

Metal work

We fabricate welded structures up to 5000 kg total weight. It is about producing extensions, frames for trailers, also metal reinforcements, pallets for transport and other bespoke welded products. We also specialise in manufacturing of welded products for assembly components from GRP.

Adhesive bonding

We offer to our customers not only custom fabrication of GRP (glass reinforced plastic) and metal parts, but also assembly of whole products. We carry out the certificated adhesive bonding for completion of parts from GRP and another GRP parts or metal parts such as reinforcements, hinges, struts, ventilation grids, front masks, etc. Our goal is to offer our clients products completely prepared to assembly at the costumer and to fulfil requirements of DIN6701 class A1 at the same time.


Industrial assembly is characterized by performing of final assembly and has roots in long-term experience of producing GRP and metal work. All processes follow certificate ISO 9001: 2000. For example we make whole body on customer’s chassis, extensions of vehicle bodies, parts of rolling stock and produce kiosks, constructions and chutes for conveyors, seats in sport halls and many others.