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Savea machinery production includes industrial assembly of larger units, the production of a complete body on the chassis, the production of superstructures, the rolling stock, the production of catering trailers and sales stands. Custom-made parts are supplied with finishing, with locks, hinges, gas struts, including power lines and controls. GRP and metal parts are connected by certified industrial bonding, which meets the requirements of DIN 6701 class A1. The main point is to offer our customers products that are completely ready to be assembled after the delivery.



We use noise insulation to reduce both machine noise and noise in the service cabinets of the machines, including tramway, train and minibus cabins. We also provide our products with thermal insulation materials according to the requirements of our partners listed in the technical documentation.


In order to increase the utility properties, ensure the maximum functionality and shape stability of the hoods and covers of machines and equipment, we provide our fiberglass parts with various stiffeners. These reinforcements may be made of laminate or metal.

Front masks, Grids

Ventilation grilles of various sizes, shapes and colours complement GRP parts for divers machines and technological equipment. These masks and vent grilles are fixed to the fiberglass parts by industrial adhesives.

Grips, Handles, Air suspension

To ensure easy handling and easy opening of various covers and hoods of machines and equipment, our products are supplemented with various handles, gas struts and suitable handles. When mounting these elements, we always keep in mind the maximum ease of the assembly process and the associated cost savings to our partners.

Machines superstructures

We manufacture high quality metal components and welded assemblies for agricultural and forestry equipment OEMs. For our customers manufacturing a various custom-made handling, transport and utility vehicles, we produce the required superstructures from GRP and steel.

Vehicles superstructures

We are an expert in fabricating metal and GRP parts, welded assemblies required for OEM equipment throughout the mass transport industry, including tramways, metro / subway cars, rail cars, minibuses. 

Logistic trolleys

We build, weld and produce tow tractors, platform trucks, light & heavy industrial vehicles bodies for internal transport tasks in the industrial sector, in the logistic, as well as for baggage and cargo handling at the airports. 

Trailers, Semitrailers

We produce parts, basic frames, welded constructions of semi-trailers and trailers (transport, caravans), which we are able to assemble with superstructures, individual axles and other components.

Catering trailers

We build, weld and produce individual parts, frames, chassis and superstructures for catering trailers, sales stands. Our range of products is very wide. We produce stands either mobile or stationary with different shapes and dimensions.

Touristic trains

For our customers in the tourist industry we provide complete production of individual parts and their subsequent complete assembly. Our products are also equipped with heating and audio-visual multilingual system.

Conveyor systems, catwalks

We produce parts for a broad array of industrial equipment manufacturers such as base frames for motors, conveyors construction, chutes and covers made of fiberglass and / or metal - catwalks. 

Power generators

We fabricate high quality metal components, welded assemblies and GRP covers for power generation equipment OEMs. Our products - chassis and their bodywork and covers, which are already ready for the final assembly of the necessary technology - we supply to the manufacturers of mobile technology devices, generators and other custom-made devices.

Inner lining

For customers producing and repairing train-sets, trams and metro cars, we produce individual components made of fiberglass, which are supplemented by metal components. Our products meet the requirements for EN 45545 non-flammability

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