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From design to implementation

We provide our customers and partners with our support and expertise at every moment of our cooperation. We assist in the preparation of 3D data to optimize the production process and keep costs low to achieve first-class quality of our manufactured and delivered products. That is why we carefully pay attention to the preparation of models, the production of moulds and the selection of materials suppliers for production. We need people to maintain the high quality of our production, so we pay close attention to our employees' education and development.


Everything starts and ends with people, so our team is ready to help our partners meet their demands in the highest quality and come up with their own proposals to achieve the best result.

3D data

Our engineers / technologists work with 3D data in Solidworks. We also process the data in other technical programs and software.

Design cooperation

The entire manufacturing process begins with product design and technical feasibility. Our technologists work with our partners at an early stage in the preparation of the required product, always taking into account the overall quality and cost-effectiveness of the project.

Model preparation

We have been working closely with consistently selected partners to develop the models with which we have secured the required high quality models.

Mould fabrication

Forms of final products are being prepared by our specialists to ensure the uncompromising quality of final products while keeping costs at the lowest possible level.

Technological process

Our technologists and project specialists consistently take care of choosing the right material and choosing the optimal manufacturing process. This process is extremely important especially in custom production, where requirements are very diverse.

Purchase of materials

Our specialists in the purchasing department are constantly searching for the right raw materials and materials at the best prices on the market. We have long been working with leading world manufacturers of gel coats, resins and other materials.

Consolidation of materials

We provide our partners with a consolidation of the supplies of materials and components of their selected manufacturers and then we complete them according to the technical documentation.

Industrial adhesive bonding

We use Certified Industrial Adhesive for Custom Parts and Components. We use the products of leading world manufacturers to bond individual parts.

Assembly of parts

Our manufactured components and components designed especially for branded manufacturers are equipped with the required handles, struts, ventilation grilles and they are easily mounted on their products.

Montage, Assembly

We provide our partners with not only the production of individual parts but also the preparation, production and final assembly of their products - for example, trains. We are also able to assemble with our customer by mutual agreement.

Mounting, Transport pallets

To ensure the quality of the products and components manufactured by us, we package individual products in order to eliminate their transport damage. We support the optimization of the assembly process with our partners by custom designed and manufactured assembly pallets.


To ensure the quality of the products and components manufactured by us, we package individual products in order to eliminate their transport damage.


We offer our partners the possibility of arranging our own or contracted transport to an agreed destination.

After sales service

Our technologists, project leaders as well as representatives of the sales department remain available to you after the delivery of individual orders.

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