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Glass reinforced plastic production

SAVEA is a specialist in the custom manufacturing of fiberglass parts and assemblies. We offer a wide range of manufacturing processes that meet the diverse needs of the customer. The choice of production process is governed by several key factors such as requirements for meeting the qualitative and safety requirements (fire resistance EN 45545, DIN 5510), different coatings (Gel coat, Top coat) and annual production volume.


Production capabilities

Our products satisfy a wide range of our partners' requirements. We fabricate and supply the parts as a simple laminate shell, sandwich construction - honeycomb, PUR, cork, parts made of foaming resin. We are able to produce parts from the size of the fuel tank lid to wind power components.

Manufacturing processes

SAVEA composites manufacturing processes include a range of component moulding including Resin transfer moulding (RTM), Light resin transfer moulding (LRTM), Cold press moulding and Open moulding / Hand lay up.

Surface finishing

The fiberglass parts are delivered in various surface treatments according to the wishes of our partners. The products are delivered in the final Gel Coat according to RAL, Top Coat, ready for subsequent painting. We can use the Top Coat to close the back side surfaces. Gel coat and Top coat can be supplied in a wide range according to the RAL color chart. If interested, we are able to supply painted parts. The products are delivered in the final Coat Gel according to RAL, Top Coat, ready for subsequent painting.


We manufacture custom-made front and rear cabs for trams, trains, subway cars, minibuses, machines and vehicles manufacturers. Cabins are either made as a base shell or sandwich structure, complemented by metallic construction. We supply cabins conform to EN 45545 and we use a certified process according to DIN 6701 class A1 for bonding individual parts together. Cabins are made for subsequent painting.

Hoods, Covers

We manufacture an extensive range of hoods, bonnets and covers for mass transport vehicles, transport trailers and semi-trailers, construction, agricultural and forestry machines, wind power plants, power units and aggregates, technological equipment, conveyor belts. Our products meet a variety of customer requirements for the shape, thickness and specific properties of the project documentation.


For our customers in various industries, we produce roofs for made by them vehicles, trailers and semi-trailers. Our roofs can be found on mini and minibuses, tourist trains, ambulances, fire trucks, funeral cars. Roofs are complemented by the required elements such as external signal lights, internal speaker systems and other required accessories.

Inner and outer lining

For rail (trams, locomotives, railway wagons) and wheeled (minibuses), we make customized outer and inner lining according to our customers' specifications. These parts meet the strict requirements of EN 45545 - non-flammability.

Control panels

We produce specific control panels for machines and vehicles that meet the requirements even under extreme temperature conditions.

Bumpers, Fenders

We fabricate customized bumpers, fenders for divers vehicles. Our products can be found on trams, minibuses, cars, trucks, tractors, as well as in municipal and tourist trains.

Seats, Benches

We produce and supply seats and boxes under the seats according to the requirements and specifications of branded manufacturers. We also supply seats and benches for various sports grounds (hockey, basketball and volleyball halls, athletic and football stadiums). Our products are suitable for use in urban furniture.

Ski lift stations lining

For manufacturers and suppliers of ski lifts we supply components for stations that meet the requirements for weather resistance.

Containers, Tanks

We manufacture customized containers, tanks and containers for branded producers. We supply them either as superstructures for their transport and utility vehicles or for fixing them with ground frames. Our products satisfy the needs for the safe transport of both bulk and liquid material.


We fabricate and supply structures, chutes and covers of conveyor belts and equipment for distribution warehouses, raw material production plants and technological equipment.

Cooling towers

For our customers in various industries, we produce cooling tower covers of many sizes. We produce laminate several sizes of blades for these cooling devices.

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