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Metal parts production

SAVEA is a supplier of metal fabricated components, sub-assemblies, and welded constructions. Metal production includes bars, rods, square tube cutting, profiling, sheet metal processing, chip machining and welding. We produce welded steel structures, supports, special metal reinforcements, welded chassis and structural and auxiliary body parts. Welded constructions from our metal production are part of bigger and smaller units.


Dělení materiálů

We work with sheet material, grid, tube, pipe, bar, and angle stock. We are capable of holding cutting tolerances as tight as ±0.005", depending on part geometry.


We operate a complete set of machine tools to perform most machining operations integral to the products we manufacture. Our tool set includes milling machines, lathes that are essential in the development of internal production tooling and fixtures for improved process controls, reduced part-to-part variation in the products we manufacture and contribute to final production costs reducing.

Press brake forming

Our press brakes enable us to produce complicated parts in one piece without splice welding or assembly. Curved rolls allow us to roll bending, further bending profiles and tube bending. Parts can be manufactured in steel, stainless steel and aluminium.


We weld various kinds of steel, stainless steel and aluminium. We specialize in the custom manufacturing of welded structures, frames and special welded parts according to individual customer requirements. Our highly qualified welders certified according to European standards use various welding methods such as MIG / MAG and TIG.

Positioners, Jigs

To make production easier and more efficient, we produce a variety of jigs and positioners Our jigs and positioners make process of repeated or series production easier and considerably faster. This will result in improvements in the quality and price of the final product and your competitiveness. This, of course, has a major impact on product quality, productivity and market competitiveness.

Metallic reinforcements

In our metal work plant we produce various reinforcements, which we use especially for subsequent assembly with fiberglass parts and components, which allows us to deliver products completely ready for subsequent and easy assembly and guarantee dimensional stability even on dimensionally large hoods and covers.

Welded structures

We weld various kinds of steel and stainless steel and focus especially on the custom manufacturing of welded structures, constructions and special welded parts according to individual customer requirements. We weld both small parts as well as large and massive welded structures to meet the demands of our customers from diverse industries.


Particularly for producers of vehicles’ superstructures, semi-trailers and trailers (transport trucks, caravans), we produce base frames of trailers, chassis and other welded structures. We also produce frames and structures of towing tractors, platform trucks and industrial trucks for small, medium and heavy loads.

Bodywork, Shell

We produce vehicle bodies for manufacturers of mass transport vehicles (rolling stock / rail vehicles – trams, trains, metro / subway coaches, minibuses, touristic trains) that meet strict requirements and parameters such as safety, strength and stiffness, minimum weight.

Trailers, semi trailers

We produce superstructures, semi-trailers and trailers (transport, caravans), we make basic frames, welded constructions, which we are able to assemble with individual axles and other components. We also manufacture tow tractors, platform trucks and industrial vehicles for small, medium and heavy loads.

Conveyor constructions

We manufacture and supply structures and constructions for customers delivering conveyor belts / conveyors for logistics centres, mining and petrochemical industry.

Assembly platforms, catwalks

We produce welded walkways, assembly and technological footbridges for customers supplying investment units for logistics centres, industrial halls and showrooms.

Tanks, Cisterns

We fabricate custom tanks and cisterns. We weld and assemble our products according to customers’ requirements. Tanks and cisterns are mounted either on anchoring frames and structures or on vehicle chassis.


For our customers and partners we produce transport, technological containers of various sizes and finishes. We produce containers with anchor, transport frame or directly on the chassis. Based on the customer's production documentation, we manufacture non-pressure steel tanks, tanks, reservoirs and silos for various types of stored or transported media (water, oil, methanol, etc.)


We fabricate custom storage and transport pallets for our clients. We produce various types of metal pallets for logistic, building, engineering and agricultural companies. We produce metal pallets, pallets for long materials, crates and containers according to the customer's requirements.


We fabricate and deliver equipment for industry, construction, logistics centres. We weld and assemble shelving systems according to individual requirements.

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